1. Overview / Who we are

This Privacy Policy is effective as of August 2020.

NBK America LLC is a company with a share capital of $2 Million, whose head office is located 307 East Church Road, Suite 7, King of Prussia, PA, USA, registered with the Registry of Trade. (hereinafter, the "company" or "we" or "us")

Company was established in 2015, as a 100% subsidiary of Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha, to support North American customers.

Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha develops, manufactures, and sells Miniature Couplings, Special Screws and Machine Elements.
Nabeya Bi-tech Kaisha products are used in advanced industries, such as manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, robotics, machine tools, and medical devices.

For further information on our company, click here.

We operate this public website with the following URL: https://www.nbk1560.com/en-us/(hereinafter, the "website"). The purpose of the website is to provide websurfers (i.e. any natural or physical person visiting or using the website, hereinafter the "user" or "you") with information on the activity and products / services offered by the company as well as its latest news (new products, publications etc.).

The website also offers functionalities enabling users to contact the company (e.g. request for contact, request for quotation, request for RoHS 2 Certificate of Compliance, catalog request, etc.), consultants or distributors.

We also provide information and services (including customer services related to usage method, technical questions or customization) about our products through the website and allow users to bookmark their favorite pages by saving their list.

As you surf and interact with the website or the company, the company may collect and process your personal data, in its capacity as processing controller.

Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting and processing your personal data (hereinafter the "Personal Data") responsibly. Also, we respect and comply with the major privacy principles derived from the laws and regulations in North America.

For this purpose, this Privacy Policy informs you in a fully transparent manner about how we collect, process, use, disclose and transfer your Personal Data. This Privacy Policy describes our practices in connection with Personal Data that we collect and process through online and offline activities and through the website, in whole or in part. You will also find information about your rights and our contact information.

2. Collection of Personal Data


We collect the following categories of Personal Data:

  1.  Personal contact information: such as your name, company name, title, division, postal code, address, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, information relating to your professional situation (name of your company) the details of your inquiry or request, etc.
  2.  Browser and device information: such as IP address, operating system type, web browser type and version, traffic history etc.
  3.  Our website usage information: such as which links you click on, which pages or content you view and the length of your visits to certain pages, information relating to the traceability of your actions and interactions with the website, tracking data for your actions with respect to e-mails which we may send you (openings, clicks etc.), etc. This information is captured using automated technologies such as cookies or other similar technologies and web beacons.
  4.  Data relating to the follow-up of your relationship with the company: requests for contact, catalog request, correspondence exchanged, files attached to your requests, data relating to transactions, payment methods and invoicing, economic and financial information, services subscribed / products ordered and details, order history, data required to implement direct marketing operations, research, surveys, product testing and promotion etc.

We may combine any and all of this information to help provide better services, for instance to make suggestions to you for other products or services which we believe you will also be interested in, to offer personalized products or services or to provide you a proper customer service.

3. How do we collect your Personal Data

  1. We collect your Personal Data as follows:
  2.  Offline: we collect your Personal Data through offline activity.
  3.  Through our website: we collect your Personal Data through our website and third-party websites.
  4.  Using cookies: we collect your Personal Data when you browse our website, by using cookies or other similar technologies. Our collection and processing of your Personal Data via cookies are governed by the Cookie Policy, that you should read carefully.
  5. In addition, we may enrich your Personal Data that we collect and process, in particular for commercial, prospecting, communication or marketing purposes, using other sources of information (social networks, information referred to as "public", third-party database, etc.).

4. Is the collection of your Personal Data mandatory?


For each form on the website for the collection of Personal Data, you are informed of the mandatory nature of the replies and, more generally, of the information collected, by the presence of an asterisk next to the relevant field. If there is no asterisk, the information requested is optional.

If mandatory information is not provided, the request in connection with such collection of Personal Data (e.g. request for information or catalog request, request for quotation, etc.) may not be successfully handled.

5. Use of Personal Data


Depending of the situation, we use your Personal Data, in whole or in part, for the following purposes:

  1.  Responding to your inquiries, managing, processing and following-up your requests and exchanges with the company using or initiated through the website (e.g. request for contact, information or documentation, etc.) and the relationships of the company with its contacts (clients, prospects etc.) in a general manner.
  2.  Managing your relationship with the company in relation to contracts, orders, invoices, payments and transactions (including the management of delinquent accounts and litigation and associated accounting operations)
  3.  Shipping our products or materials such as catalogs, and so on.
  4.  Informing important notifications regarding providing our products / services or executing the contracts.
  5.  Notifications of critical alerts or major incidents.
  6.  Surveys for client satisfaction or questionnaire to improve our products or services.
  7.  Sending direct mails and/or e-mails to provide information about our products, services or events such as exhibitions, etc. And, more generally, conducting and managing prospecting, solicitation and communication operations.
  8.  Data analytics, studies, reports, statistics for marketing, promotion or planning the products or services and undertaking and studying the use of the website by users and their browsing behavior in order to improve our on-line communication.
  9.  Improving and optimizing the quality and functionalities of the website.
  10.  Providing information to the third parties (including overseas agencies) for responding to your inquiries.
  11.  Managing and processing of requests from users of the website and, more generally, from the company's contacts, to exercise their rights in relation to Personal Data regulation.
  12.  Complying with the statutory and regulatory obligations resulting in particular from our activity.

The basis for such processing of your Personal Data may vary according to the purposes to be achieved. In a general manner, such processing is necessary:

  1.  for the management, processing and follow-up of your requests to the company (e.g. replies to requests for information or for quotation, processing of orders and transactions, etc.). In certain cases, such operations may be necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are party (e.g. in relation to an on-line order) or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract (e.g. in relation to a request for quotation);
  2.  for the pursuit of the company's legitimate interests in the context of the management and follow-up of its relationships, in particular commercial relationships, with users of the website and, more generally, with its contacts, for the organization of its marketing, prospection and communication operations in a general manner and for our business operations;
  3.  for compliance with the statutory and regulatory obligations to which the company is subject.

Your consent may also be required for certain specific processing operations when it is mandatory according to applicable laws and regulations.

6. The disclosure of Personal Data


We strictly manage your Personal Data.

You are informed that your Personal Data may be shared with authorized departments within the company and entities of the group of which it belongs to, and with their service providers and contractual and commercial partners, if any, who may intervene in the aforesaid processing of Personal Data.

Moreover, your Personal Data may be communicated to any authority that is legally authorized to receive it, in particular in the event of a demand by judicial, police or administrative authorities.

The recipients referred to above are not necessarily the recipients of all your Personal Data, but only of the data necessary for the purpose involving such communication.

7. Data Subject Rights/ Your Rights

You have the right to access and consult your Personal Data.

To a certain extent, you have the right to ask us to delete your Personal Data that we have, to rectify incomplete or inaccurate information we hold about you, to obtain restriction of the processing of your Personal Data and to obtain Personal Data portability. You also have the right to object to such processing of your Personal Data, in particular for marketing purposes or the sharing of your Personal Data with third party for such purposes.

In the interests of confidentiality and the protection of your Personal Data, the company must verify your identity prior to responding to such request. Consequently, the company can ask you for additional information for this purpose.

Where you have given your consent to the processing of your Personal Data for one or more specific purposes, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. This withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing of your Personal Data based on your consent before your withdrawal.

Lastly, If you consider our processing of your Personal Data not to be compliant with the applicable laws or regulations, you can lodge a complaint.

8. Cookies and other trackers or similar technologies

Cookies and other trackers or similar technologies (hereinafter, the "cookies") may be placed and/or read in your browser when you visit the website. For further information, please click here.

9. What measures are implemented to ensure the security of your Personal Data?

In the interests of ensuring the security of your Personal Data, the company shall take all useful and appropriate measures and precautions, of a physical, logical, technical, functional, administrative or organizational nature, with respect to the state of the art, the costs of implementation, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing as well as the risks of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and liberties of natural persons, to protect the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data and to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risk, and notably to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Due to the difficulties inherent in a website activity and the risks, of which you are aware, resulting from the transmission of data by electronic means, the company shall not, however, be bound by an obligation of result.

If difficulties arise, the company shall make its best efforts to mitigate the risks and shall take all adequate measures, in accordance with its statutory and regulatory obligations (remedial actions, informing the national authority in charge of personal data protection and, if relevant, those affected etc.).

If part or all the processing of Personal Data is outsourced, the company shall contractually require its subcontractors to guarantee the security and, in particular, the confidentiality of such Personal Data to which they may have access (i.e. appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of such data).

10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may at any time modify or adjust this Privacy Policy.

If we change or amend this Privacy Policy, we will notify you via the notification on our website and the updated version of our Privacy Policy will be posted on-line on the website under the dedicated section.

Moreover, all Personal Data collection forms included on our website contain a link to this Privacy Policy.

We recommend that you inspect our Privacy Policy regularly.

11. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Statement or our Personal Data collection and processing practices, please contact us by e-mail at:
- NBK America LLC
- Address: 307 East Church Road, Suite 7, King of Prussia, PA, USA
- Phone: 1-484-685-7500 
- E-mail: info.us@nbk1560.com

* Business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST)
* If you have any requests of processing of your Personal Data, please contact us via e-mail.