The LiLz Gauge Cameras are utilized for inspection work across various industries.
Here are the testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Chemical Industry

The inspection and recording work, which had been a heavy burden, was dramatically reduced by remote control,

Chemical Industry

Work efficiency has improved, such as not having to go to the inspection sites by driving, and it has allowed the company to spare more time to work which leads to profit, which has been highly evaluated within the company.

Building Maintenance Industry

Automating analog gauge inspections has reduced the workload, resulting in a decrease in employee turnover and ensuring stable management.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

Previously, we had to visit for the inspections during the national holidays, but with automation, we physically do NOT need to visit for inspection by driving a few hours! We can spend more time with our families.

Gas Industry

The LiLz inspection system has been introduced to check the residual volume of gas in medical facilities, particularly for the use of surgery. LiLiLz monitoring system is capable of checking the gas volume as images, and the level of the gas inspection efficiency has increased significantly.

Chemical Industry

Even though the person who initially set up the system was transferred or resigned, other members can take over the account and ensure smooth remote inspections.

Gas Industry

Creating individual accounts for each team member enables them to access and view the portal screen, allowing them to confirm warnings and enhance risk management.

Beverage Manufacturing Industry

LiLz cameras can retain the actual captured images with AI read values. Therefore, the evidence can not be manipulated.

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